Education for the New Nurse

Practical. Honest. Concise. Encouraging.

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FreshRN – Who We Are


Educating new nurses by meeting them where they are with humor, clinical knowledge, authenticity, and warmth in a clear and concise manner so that every nurse entering the profession is better equipped to sustainably provide care for both their patients and themselves.


To cut the number of nurses leaving the profession in half.

As many as 30% of nurses leave the profession in the first year, and that jumps up to over 50% in year two. We believe that by starting off your professional journey with a solid foundation of skills in self-compassion, assertiveness, and healthy boundaries that more nurses will be empowered to command what they are worth and craft their professional life to fit their unique desires – not leave nursing altogether.



Foster accountability and responsibility in one’s growth as a clinician, CEO of their license, advocate for their patient, and as a human being


Genuinely caring about and nurturing the nurse as a whole person, not just a robot to complete tasks


Give nurses permission to be human, practice self-compassion, and extend empathy with boundaries


Come from a place of honesty and openness to facilitate meaningful learning and professional growth


Not to just survive your career, but find joy, purpose, and meaning in the work – and thrive

Kati Kleber, MSN RN is the nurse educator behind the FreshRN® platform, created specifically for new graduate nurses. FreshRN® consists of a blog, podcast, and this collection of online education. Kleber is a published author with the American Nurses Association, a national speaker, and has been a featured source for major media outlets such as US World New & Report, the TODAY Show, Dr. Oz, NPR, and so much more. For more information about Kati, please visit

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Education for the New Nurse

Practical. Honest. Concise. Encouraging.

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