Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention

In your hospital orientation, you’ll probably go through training on how to use patient lifts and other safety equipment, as well as proper ergonomics. While it is crucial to learn these tips, it’s not as helpful without some context. 

Samuel Kleber DPT, is a physical therapist who has worked with many nurses and other health care providers due to workplace injuries. These injuries are typically in the back and can improve substantially with therapy, but on rare occasions, they do require surgery. 

In the video, we discuss some important aspects of injury prevention. Even if you follow proper ergonomics every single time, you can still be at risk for injury if you’re not doing preventative movements/exercises. 

While using lifts and whatnot are helpful, what is also incredibly important is proper posture. We bend and lift so much, constantly keeping our backs in a flexed position. Samuel explains why continuing to have this repetitive movement without counterbalancing it can be incredibly detrimental. One wrong movement after substantial time in flexion can result in a debilitating and life-altering injury. 

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