If you're a brand new nurse hired on to an intensive care unit, this bundle is just for you!

By bundling these two courses together, you'll save 20% on Breakthrough ICU!

Breakthrough ICU [12.0 contact hours] will provide the necessary ICU-specific information (think sepsis, ARDs, ventilators, arterial lines, and more.)

The New Nurse Masterclass [20.0 contact hours] will cover what you need to know to thrive as a newly licensed nurse in a hospital setting (delegation, time management, communication, and much more).

Hi, I’m Kati

I am a nurse educator with a passion for new graduate nurses. I am the owner of the FreshRN® online platform, specifically created to support, educate, and encourage newly licensed nurses. 

I have been a member of the profession since 2010 with experience in med-surg, stepdown, and neurocritical care. I've also worked as a preceptor, mentor, charge nurse, and unit representative. I love translating complex clinical and social concepts into easy to understand terms with actionable steps.

If you want to learn more about me, click here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a new stepdown/intermediate nurse. Should I take this, or Med-Surg Mindset?

I highly recommend Breakthrough ICU along with the New Nurse Master Class for new stepdown nurses. This is because you'll face higher acuity than med-surg nurses, and will be responsible for more equipment. Breakthrough ICU dives into that information, while Med-Surg Mindset does not. The time management information in the New Nurse Master Class will be more appropriate to your assignment in stepdown/intermediate care.

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

We do not offer partial refunds on bundles. Bundles can be returned if the following requirements are met:

  • The courses are less than 50% complete
  • CE credit has not been claimed
  • The refund request is received and issued within 14 days of purchase (please allow 2-3 business days for refunds to be processed).

If you want to keep one of the courses in the bundle, you may purchase separately at full retail.

Breakthrough ICU is a 6-week course. Can I unlock the modules earlier?

Yes, you can. Simply email us at [email protected] after you've enrolled to request the modules to be unlocked. (This can only be done after you've enrolled.)

When do the courses start and end?

Both courses have lifetime access and are self-paced. You can enroll in both, and start one right away, and then wait to start the other until you're completed with the first. You can do both at the same time as well!

In what order should I complete these courses?

If you've just been hired and are looking to really prep to the max beforehand, I recommend taking Breakthrough ICU before your first shift. As you encounter new scenarios during orientation, you can revisit those modules as needed (and as many times as you want!) Then, I recommend completing the New Nurse Master Class during orientation. In the course, there are three suggested completion timelines that you can choose between.

Do these courses come with contact hours?

Yes. The New Nurse Master Class has 20.0 contact hours and Breakthrough ICU has 12.0. You must pass a post-test evaluation with 80% or above and complete all modules to claim the hours.

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