Overview of Hiring Process

Overview of Hiring Process

Hiring processes differ from organization to organization, but some things are pretty consistent.

Essentially, a job is posted, applications are reviewed, interviews are conducted, then an offer is made. This process can take months. You would be looking for openings and applying for them as they come up.

However, as a new graduate you may be applying to a “new graduate nurse” position at an organization. This would be a position that is continuously open, and you would apply to it whenever you are ready. Typically, new graduates can look to apply as early as a semester before they graduate. For example, if you graduate in May, then you could apply in December.

The earlier you can apply for these new graduate positions, the better. Higher quality candidates are on top of things and apply before graduating.

Let us repeat that: don’t wait to graduate!

In the video, we discuss important aspects of the hiring process, including:

  • Summary of process
  • Timeline for decisions
  • What it means when your job file is "complete"
  • Importance of clinical instructor references
  • GPA requirements
  • Interview scheduling considering your class and clinical schedule
  • Managing multiple job offers

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